Today, as Bestek, we have a powerful role in the development of adhesives and tapes market which contains a lot of different applications.

As we located in the centre of Anatolia, we achieved to penetrate 80 percent of Turkish territory geographically in terms of business development and sales activities.

Since our company has been founded in 2003, we firstly reached every single corner of Anatolia, then we started our trade activities in Marmara Region four years ago. Currently, we reached more then 800 customers. Our customers’ trust and kindness to our brand made us work harder to improve our service and quality. We not only sell our partners’ products but also process the tapes and prepare them as customers need and desire. Our slitting capabilities includes any type of die-cut, kiss-cut, rewinding or slitting process with the help of 4 slitting machines located in Ankara and Istanbul offices.

Although the biggest portion of our business comes from industrial production and B2B trade, we also have effort in B2C trade where we serve to the end user. Especially, last few years, as the demand to online sales channells increases, we have started to invest on online market places such as N11, Hepsiburada, Trendyol and Amazon. Moreover, we are happy to share our excitement on our upcoming new online sales platform.

Our 18 years collaboration with 3M continues although there are variable market conditions and increasing competition. And also, we had a new partnership agreement with a global player, Lohmann in order to develop our product range so that we can match our customers needs better.

3M product range is so wide; nevertheless, our priority is to focus on what we know the best (adhesives and tapes) and stay on the field where we can create more benefit for our customers so that increase our service quality. Therefore, customer demand on industrial adhesives and tapes, different application opportunities and integration into the production line are always our priority. From double-sided mounting tapes to single sided fixation, maintenance, masking tapes; from sealing items such as PU putty to two component epoxy, acyrlic structural adhesives, we work with a variety of products. The most valuable part is that all these items are used in the products and goods of very well known brands in Turkey that touch thousands of people’s lives every single day.

Our service contains different markets such as defense and aviation, appliances, railway systems, renewable energy (especially solar), signage, metal processing, building supply, automotive OEMs and tiers.

We are grateful to our customers and our business partners that are stand with us with their trust.

Sincerely yours,